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How to gain muscle?

după DWP Fitness
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How to gain muscle?

We all want to look good and have well-defined muscles, don't we? But in order to have a body with developed muscle mass we need to follow a diet plan tailored to our goal and a training plan preferably with weights.

Strengthening the abdominal muscles and increasing muscle mass does not depend solely on physical effort in the gym. In addition to physical training, muscle growth is also about consuming adequate fluids and foods that give you the energy you need. The perfect combination of movement and nutrition depends on the individual and is the 'fuel' needed to fuel exercise, repair muscle tissue and achieve the physique you've always dreamed of.


Muscle mass

Anyone who wants an increase in muscle mass should eat a diet rich in carbohydrates and protein for muscle mass for 2 to 4 months. By increasing your intake of these nutrients, you are providing your body with all the elements needed to build muscle.

It is this food surplus, which will allow you to pursue more intense and frequent muscle training during this period. Follow a rhythm of 3 classic meals + 2 snacks per day. Thus, you eat approximately every 3 hours.


The alimentation plan

Every meal should include:

  • 2 servings of protein (1 serving is the size of your palm)
  • 2 portions of vegetables (1 portion is the size of a fist)
  • 2 semi-sweet, side-by-side palms (cubes) of starchy carbohydrates - rice, bread, pasta and potatoes
  • 2 portions of healthy fats, such as nuts, almonds, peanuts, oily fish or avocado (1 portion is the amount that fits in a palm pod)
  • For a personalized plan to increase muscle mass you can set this goal on the DWP Fitness app. The app will generate recipes every day that are right for you to increase your muscle mass and get the body you've been dreaming of.



When we consume protein (either through our food or through a supplement) we provide the body with the building blocks needed for muscle protein synthesis. Specifically, it is the nine essential amino acids that are responsible for this effect.

As such, the protein you consume should contain a mixture of all nine essential amino acids which can be found in a variety of animal and dairy products, but also in plant-based foods such as soy, quinoa or buckwheat products. To maximise your muscle gains, your daily protein intake should be at least 1.6 grams for every kilogram of body weight - that's around 120g for a 75kg person.


TOP 5 foods that contain protein and help increase muscle mass

  • Red meat
  • Eggs
  • Lentils
  • Greek yoghurt
  • Chickpeas


A muscle-building programme is made up of exercises with a dynamic designed to progressively generate the desired results. As your muscle mass increases, so does the strength that the muscle groups you are working with will increase, making it possible to perform higher intensity exercises. In the DWP Fitness app you will find an exercise programme designed by specialists that will be customised to your needs.

In order to increase muscle mass, your sessions should not exceed 1 hour 30 minutes, 2 hours, including warm-up. Short efforts ensure more results than long efforts. In your workout, work with heavy weights, using barbells or dumbbells. Also try bodyweight exercises.



Don't forget about RECOVERY and SLEEP

During the period of growth in muscle mass, don't skip your rest time. Your muscles need to rebuild to grow better. Without being able to regenerate properly, they are prone to injury or damage.

For increased efficiency, alternate a training day with a recovery day. You'll also need some recovery sleep. These few muscle recommendations will help you as benchmarks for successful bulking. During this period, remember the winning trio: nutrition, intense training and recovery.

Muscle mass growth does not only depend on the intensity of physical effort during training sessions.

Factors such as nutrition, recovery periods or the structuring of training sessions by day and muscle group actively contribute to the best results! These are the main factors that will help you achieve the muscle mass you want. But remember that results won't happen overnight. Muscle growth takes time and you need perseverance and patience, that way the results will show over time.

If you want to learn more about a healthy lifestyle and how to get the body you've been dreaming of, you can see How To Build Up Muscle, Without Getting Fat!

by DWP Fitness

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