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How To Build Up Muscle, Without Getting Fat! - DWP Fitness

după DWP Fitness
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How To Build Up Muscle, Without Getting Fat! - DWP Fitness

No, we are not joking. You can actually build up great muscle mass without becoming fat in the process.

Your next question might be: “Okay, what kind of stuff do I have to inject into myself, or how many types of protein powders do I have to buy, in order to build up that muscle?”

You don’t have to worry about any of those things. Just do the following 3 things, by the book, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a beast.


1. Train like a beast

I mean, you don’t have to turn into Hulk and smash everything at your local gym.

You just have to make sure you are staying dedicated to your training. Whether you choose to train 4 or 6 times a week, you have to make sure that whenever you’re at the gym, you are giving your absolute best.

No texting, no scrolling on Facebook, no wasting time chatting at the water fountain. It’s gonna be just you and the weights. Make sure you have a training plan before entering the gym, and most important, make sure you stick to that training plan. Discipline, once more, is the key to success.



2. Make sure you eat well

Just like you can’t start a fire without fuel, you can’t build muscle without food. You need quality calories in the right amounts to secure stellar gains.

Too bad it’s not as easy as picking up a box of five dollar pizza or four cheeseburgers on your way home from work to make up those extra calories you need to eat, in order to trigger muscle growth.

Most mass diets wreak havoc on your health because they are based on empty calories. Sure you climb the scale quickly but you also run the risk of other health problems and fat gain associated with poor diet. Will your time in the gym offset these health problems associated with carrying too much fat? A little, but not much, and not in the long run.


Right now your body needs a certain number of calories to grow. Let me ask you a simple question. Are you as muscular as you want to be right now?

Yes. Then keep doing what you are doing!

No. Then most likely your body needs a strategy to ingest an extra 1000-2000 calories per day.
Our DWP Fitness App can be a really useful tool to make sure you get high quality meal ideas.


3. Make sure you sleep well

Even though you might be training like a beast and you are making sure you are religiously following your meal plan, there is a high chance you are not seeing the results you’re after if you’re neglecting one important piece of the puzzle – your sleep.

It is a well known fact that most of our muscle gains are produced while we are sleeping. Also, sleep has a direct impact on your appetite and hunger regulation, and on your body composition.

How much sleep do you actually need? Well, the science behind it says: It depends – the values are usually between 7 and 9 hours, but we have to take a lot of factors into consideration, such as age, sex, genetics etc.
While some people might be functioning perfectly with 6 to 7 hours of sleep, there are also people who can’t get out of bed with a full 9 hours recharge. The main point is that you have to “know thyself” and sleep as much as your body needs in order to feel fully rested.


There you go. This is the holy trinity of lean muscle building. If you want to stay informed, don’t forget to check out our other blog articles, such as the most common 5 REASONS WHY YOU’RE NOT LOSING WEIGHT.

by DWP Fitness

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