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Terms and conditions for using the "Add New Recipes" feature - DWP Fitness

The general terms and conditions of use of the application are established by the company PLAN DIETA SI ANTRENAMENT SRL, a company registered in Romania with number J20 / 515/2020, having CUI: 42609999, and the registered office at: Aleea Narciselor, Nr.1, sc . 3, ap.26.

DWP Fitness offers users the option to enter their own recipes in the application. These recipes will be added to the user's list of dietary options, in addition to the recipe options provided by DWP Fitness.

For each recipe entered by the user in the application, DWP Fitness calculates the weights that the user should consume from that recipe to achieve their fitness goals.

The sources of information on macronutrients and the weight calculation formula for each recipe introduced are taken from the following websites:

DWP Fitness also provides users with the option to share their created recipes with other DWP Fitness users.

If the user wants to distribute the recipes, the recipes will be analyzed by the DWP Fitness team, before being made available to all users of the application.

If for a particular recipe, users are drawing inspiration from the materials of another person (content creator), users are required to mention the source of this recipe.

We encourage users to use their own images for cooked recipes.

Also, if the picture used for a recipe does not belong to them, users ARE OBLIGED to mention the source of the image and give credit to the creator.

DWP Fitness provides the option to introduce new recipes in the application, in order to offer users greater flexibility in terms of their nutritional plan. DWP Fitness does NOT assume responsibility for situations in which users enter recipes or images that do not belong to them.

If anyone notices a copyright infringement in connection with recipes entered on the DWP Fitness app, please contact us at


Attention! Although the information presented in the DWP Fitness application is based on scientific studies and comes from reliable official sources, this information does not replace the advice of a specialist.

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