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Why should you wear a shaping corset?

după DWP Fitness
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Why should you wear a shaping corset?

Wearing a shaping corset not only has an aesthetic effect, it is also a good ally in the fight against extra pounds around the waist. We want a wasp waist, toned and perfect for wearing tight dresses or short tops. However, the slimming process can take a long time and you want to speed it up, at least in the waist area. 


Why to use a shaping corset?


1. Visual slimming of the waistline

Through compression, the corset 'trains' the waist, moulds it and brings it to the desired shape, making it increasingly supple. Of course, the effect is also visual. By tightening the waist, you get an hourglass body, whatever outfit you wear. It's a trick that famous designers used decades ago. Remember Christian Dior's 1950s gowns, which had the same effect: an hourglass body with a slim waist, achieved by using a tight bodice around the waist. Nowadays, a sporty alternative is needed, as we spend most of our time wearing casual outfits or doing activities that require a lot of flexibility. So we can opt for a pair of corset tights.

2. Actively acts on the waistline


When it comes to waist slimming tights, we also take into account the positive effects on fat tissue. The neoprene belt acts thermally on fat tissue, accelerating the slimming process by maintaining a constant 'sauna effect'. The shaping corset has many roles, including thermal sweating. It sounds complex, but in reality we are talking about the sauna effect applied just around the waist. Sweating removes toxins from the body, so the result is accelerated slimming. You can wear it in everyday life, because it works even when you sit, but if you wear it during workouts, the intensity of the burn will increase and the inches around the abdomen will drop much faster.

It is important to mention that a waist shaping corset is not a solution for weight loss, but only an acceleration of the process. Corset tights are a support throughout the process and in achieving the goals.

3. Push-up effect

Whether we are talking about long or short corset waist tights, the push-up effect is present, having the effect of lifting the back due to the back cut. Thus, not only will your waist be visually slimmed, but you will also enjoy a more accentuated posterior.


4. Thighs slimmed


Thanks to the stretchy material of the neoprene waistband tights, your thighs will be visually slimmed and you'll get that sculpted body look you want.

For the best results correlated with a permanent waist reduction and reshaping you need to put into practice, in a harmonious way, the following 3 components:

  1. Wearing shaping tights
  2. A healthy and well-proportioned diet
  3. Regular exercise

If to tick the first point, you only need a pair of DWP 2 in 1 tights with corset, which you can purchase on this link: DWP 2 in 1 Shaper Tights - Corset with thermal effect for the other 2 you can opt for a subscription in the DWP Fitness nutrition app that provides you with a personalized diet plan, with recipes that have weights tailored to your needs and exercises for home or at the gym.

If you want to find more information you can read another great article, 5 MYTHS ABOUT WEIGHT LOSS

by DWP Fitness

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