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How to weigh yourself correctly? Mistakes that influence the result on the scale

după DWP Fitness
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How to weigh yourself correctly? Mistakes that influence the result on the scale

The scale: a tool guilty of unwanted results or an aid in the slimming process?

Well, many times you've weighed yourself and weren't happy with the result you got, or it seemed like you gained weight overnight, right? We know, most of us who have gone through a slimming process have experienced this. That's why today I want to introduce you to a number of factors that can influence your weight during the weighing process.


How to use a scale correctly?

There are certain characteristics to keep in mind so that the results on the scales are as close to the truth as possible. So you need to take these aspects into account when weighing yourself:

  • The scale should be on a flat and level surface, preferably on tiles or parquet, not on carpet so that the surface does not influence the weighing result.
  • Technological advances help us to get accurate results so make sure you use a good scale. A modern, digital scale can be much more accurate and precise. If you don't have one, you can purchase the DWP Fitness Digital Scale and measure your weight accurately.
  • Use the same scale when you weigh yourself, the one you have at home, don't weigh yourself at friends or relatives where the results may appear differently.


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Mistakes you can make in the weighing process

When weighing yourself you often don't take into account the time you weigh yourself or what you are wearing, which can influence the result. So certain features to bear in mind can help you get the right result on the scales. That way you won't risk seeing pounds appear overnight or a sudden slimming process and the pounds coming back after a few days.

1. Don't weigh yourself in the morning

Weight can fluctuate throughout the day, and in the morning you are most likely to have your body weight close to your actual weight. So you can weigh yourself in the morning on an empty stomach and after going to the toilet. At this time of day factors such as food eaten previously or exercise will have less influence on the figure on the scales. It is also preferable to be dressed in light clothes that do not influence the figures too much.

2. Weighing yourself after a sleepless night

Even if you weigh yourself in the morning, you should also take into account other factors that can influence your weight. So if you've partied the night before, consumed alcoholic drinks or worked the night shift the results may not be correct. Because the body hasn't had time to recover from resting overnight, it may retain water. Alcohol also acts as a diuretic, and if you weigh yourself after consuming alcoholic drinks, a few extra grams may be the effect of dehydration rather than the slimming process itself.

3. Weighing yourself after exercise

If you do intense physical training or weight training, don't weigh yourself immediately after finishing. With intense exercise such as cardio, aerobics, HIIT a lot of water is lost through sweat and your body weight will be lower than it actually is. This is because you hydrate yourself along the way and your weight returns to normal. But with weight training your muscles get pumped, and after such a workout the results are not the real thing until your muscles and body recover.

4. You don't remember the food and medication you've previously consumed

The weighing process can be influenced by certain foods or drinks. Foods high in sodium accelerate water retention and increase the number on the scale. Carbonated and sweet drinks also have a weight, and this will be felt by the scale if you weigh yourself immediately after consuming them. This is also where you need to pay attention to the prescription medication you consume. Certain medications can influence water retention in the body, increase metabolic rate and even appetite. These include insulin, beta-adrenergic blockers or some antidepressants. So if you have such medication in your diet you should bear in mind that they will influence your weight.

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The best time to weight yourself

To find out your real weight you should weigh yourself consistently at the same time in the morning on an empty stomach after going to the toilet. Ideally you should weigh yourself naked or wearing light clothing. You need to pay attention to the rest you had the night before. Eating or drinking alcohol the night before will greatly influence the figure on your scales. Here you should also be aware of small fluctuations in weight that may occur. These are normal and can be influenced by water retention, the menstrual cycle in women, eating foods with a high amount of sodium, medications and various digestive problems.

It is also important to take other factors into account when reaching your goal. For example how your clothes fit or measuring your hip or waist circumference. These metrics are also important and can give you real results about your process. For example, if you've put on muscle mass through training, the scale may show you the same result, but you've actually turned fat into muscle. This will show up better in your waist or hip inches when you measure yourself. If you want to see how you should train here is a Fitness Guide for Beginners.

If you follow these tips, use a proper scale and pay attention to all the factors that can influence your weight the weighing process will be much more enjoyable. You won't be confused by different numbers on your scale and sudden drops in weight if you know what to do. That way you'll be able to weigh yourself constantly and find out the real results about your body weight. And to see results fast use the DWP Fitness app to plan your meals and exercise consistently.

by DWP Fitness

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