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How to lose weight with these 5 healthy habits

după DWP Fitness
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How to lose weight with these 5 healthy habits

Healthy habits and the little things you do every day have a direct impact on your health. But let's not forget that they can also help you burn more fat if you want to lose weight. Small healthy habits done over a long period of time and consistently will help you achieve the figure you've always dreamed of. But in addition to these you also need to have a diet plan that's right for you and a workout plan that you stick to. To get these things DWP Fitness comes to your aid if you want to lose weight faster.

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Restrictive diets can work, but they will never last. If you want an enviable figure, then you'll need to adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Here are the main tips experts offer for best results.


Add fruit and vegetables

Often people tend to cut foods out of their diet to create a calorie deficit. Nutritionists say the best way is to make your menu as varied as possible and include as many fruit and vegetables as possible. Aim to add a vegetable to every meal you eat. What's more, fruit can be a delicious snack. Next time you're thinking of choosing a chocolate bar, try replacing it with an apple. It's these little habits that will make all the difference. In time it will all become habit.

Opt daily for low-carb, low or medium glycaemic index, water-rich fruits - for snacks and dessert - and opt for berries and citrus fruits, eaten whole or in chunks in delicious salads.

Some fruits are better than others in the diet, because they provide high amounts of vitamins and minerals with few calories or have a high water content (they're filling and hydrating), while others are much higher in carbohydrates (lots of calories), so eat them sparingly or avoid them.


Drink more water

We often hear how important it is to consume enough fluids during the day. Although it's a simple thing to do, many people don't drink enough water. And this happens for various irrelevant reasons. Dehydration can often lead to health problems, from headaches, to bloating, or over time to more serious illnesses. According to a 2010 study, dehydration can lead to heart disease over time, writes

Experts recommend a minimum of two litres - two and a half litres a day. It's also recommended to drink more water depending on the workouts you do or how hot the weather gets. To make it easier to remember to drink water, try to keep a full glass near you at all times. When you work from your desk, you can leave a cup near you so you remember. At the same time, the DWP Fitness app helps you remember that it's time to hydrate.


Choose a menu with more fibre

The third of the five healthy habits that help you lose weight says you should have a high-fibre menu. Fibre is found in countless foods, but often the ideal choices are found among vegetables. Fibre helps both to improve the immune system and to lose weight.

The benefits of fibre:

1. Some colon disorders, mainly manifested by constipation, can be favourably influenced by an increased intake of both soluble and especially insoluble fibre. Insoluble fibre increases the water retention capacity of the colon, thus decreasing intestinal transit time.

2. Studies show that a lack of fibre in the diet may be one of the factors involved in the development of colon cancer.

3. By acting as a sponge, fibre can be involved in the absorption of toxic or potentially carcinogenic substances.

4. Fibre can have a hypolipidaemic effect, by several mechanisms: either by decreasing the absorption of dietary fat, or by blocking cholesterol synthesis by the liver, or by excreting bile acids derived from cholesterol.

5. Soluble fibre exerts a hypoglycaemic effect by decreasing carbohydrate absorption and delaying gastric emptying. By producing early satiety they help to reduce food intake and are recommended in low-calorie diets.


Cook a new recipe every week

It's easy to skip a meal when you have a restrictive menu and the food doesn't taste like anything. Instead, you can adopt one of these five healthy habits that can help you lose weight. Experts recommend a diverse and healthy menu to whet your appetite. To keep your interest up, you can try preparing a new dish every week.

Choose a day when your mani contains a meal with a new and special dish. In the DWP Fitness app there are new recipes you can prepare every week as the quantities will be automatically adjusted for your goal.



Start a diet diary

Last on the list of five healthy habits to help you lose weight is diet journaling. Try to plan your meals for the week ahead in advance. That way you'll make sure you don't stray from what you've set yourself, and temptations will be much less likely. This can be combined with a diary in which you write down the workouts you've set out to do. This will make it much easier to reach your goal.

Instead of counting calories every day, get organised with healthy, well-planned menus. Here you can use the mobile app which will automatically calculate a personalised meal plan for you, you just choose the recipes you like. What's more, you can enter the foods you eat every day. This way you can keep track of your meals and observe your eating habits. It will be much easier to focus on your results.



These tips will not only help you lose weight if you follow them as recommended above, but will make you healthier in the long run.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a healthy diet is essential for better health and getting the optimal nutrients we need.

A healthy diet protects us from many chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer, and eating a variety of foods, being low in salt, sugar and saturated and trans fats are just some of the essential rules for healthy eating.

So if you have a personalised eating plan and workout plan you will achieve your goal and get a healthier body. And if you want to find out more you can see 4 HEALTHY AND QUICK SNACKS THAT ARE NOT WEIGHTY

by DWP Fitness

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