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5 Tips for choosing the perfect tights for YOU or a friend!

după DWP Fitness
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5 Tips for choosing the perfect tights for YOU or a friend!

The right equipment is an absolute must for anyone who is passionate about exercise. Feeling comfortable and being able to move freely are among the most important aspects. Most of the time, the comfort provided by the equipment is a decisive factor in the effectiveness of the workout, whatever its type.

Tights are, without a doubt, the most versatile piece of clothing any woman has in her wardrobe. They can be worn in multiple style combinations and are extremely comfortable.

At first glance, choosing tights doesn't seem to be extremely difficult but there are still a few things to keep in mind.

1.  Tights must provide Freedom of Movement 

For maximum comfort, tights should allow you to do any movement, no matter what type of sport you do. It can be aerobics, pilates or band but the first rule is not to make them too tight. Choose the right size, and by no means a smaller one, as you risk them squeezing you and causing discomfort when you exert yourself.

2. Does the material have Fast Drying Properties?

material cu uscare rapida

In general, clothes made of natural fabrics such as cotton are contraindicated during physical exercise. While cotton absorbs and retains sweat for a long time, synthetic fabrics will prevent the skin from feeling damp. For these reasons, the designs that deserve your interest are those made from moisture-wicking fibres.


3. Check the Quality and Transparency Level of the Material


Check the product from image

Yes, the material is clearly the main factor that makes the difference! Regardless of its type, it must shape the foot and not be transparent. When the exercises performed are not within everyone's reach and require a better physical condition, it is absolutely essential to feel comfortable and to trust that our equipment does not highlight aspects we would like to hide, such as cellulite.


4.  Consider Length and Preferred Style 

You need to check if they reach the waist or hip and note the finish of the tights. Some women prefer waist ties which help to adjust the circumference and will therefore opt for high-waisted tights. Others prefer a wider or slimmer waist that particularly highlights their athletic silhouette and tummy. 

5.  How to choose the best colour?

colanti cu corset

 Check the product from image

Another important aspect in choosing tights is colour. Obviously, each of us has preferences when it comes to colour. However, if you want to avoid any unpleasant incidents, sweat stains or any other mess, opt for dark or as colourful as possible. Light-coloured clothing items are much more sensible and we all know that they give the feeling of amplification. 

by DWP Fitness

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